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• 11/27/2017

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• 5/1/2014

The House Lords of Skyrim - Chapter I: The Great Houses - Part I: Friend or Foe?

It's the 208th year of the Fourth Era. The Second Great War ended, the Ruby Throne lies empty, the Crystal Tower has been destroyed - allowing the Thalmor to rise political order - and the wealth of six holds - Solitude, Markarth, Falkreath, Morthal, Whiterun and Riften - has been lost.
However, one day, these holds have discovered the unexpected. Six houses have arisen for the shadows. Each one for each city, and each one had different wealths.
Because of this, the Knights' Accord has become one of the most wealthy alliances in Tamriel.
But then, the problems had begun...
The House Lords wanted to get richer than Cyrodiil and more advanced than any other Province. Even more than any other continent. However, House Slarq - the Great House of Solitude and the main one - and House Baraxian - the Great House of Falkreath - didn't cared for gold. They only cared for survival, while house Gremrhym - the Great House of Riften - was corrupt and cared only for fortune.
The House Lords were stuck in a never-ending discussion. Some cared for fame and fortune, while others cared for the good of Skyrim. It was a great mess, and a giant confusion.
House Tyrenn - the Great House of Markarth and the most proud one - finally came to a conclusion. They were going to start a war, to see which Great House achieve the goal to be Grand Earl and make Skyrim a better place.
And in that moment, a war had been created and chaos was spread all over Skyrim.
All Roleplayers that aren't Jarls or House Lords shall begin as either a Great House Soldier, a prisoner who's being fred or as a normal citizen.
1. You can create up to 8 characters with pets.
2. Take this RP seriously. (No messin around!) If you find yourself bored, then write a flashback or a dream sequence and develop your character and if you can’t be bothered doing that, then go away and do something else for a bit.
3. You can not kill or maim (remove the limbs off of) other characters, you can if they say it is ok to though, or if the contributer has left the RP and the character is in limbo. 
4. There is no Dragonborn.
5. You can not be a Divine or a Daedra of any type.
6. You cannot be OP. (by that i mean you do not let anyone do any damage to your character for a long period of time.)
§  Being able to break the ground open and create a crevice is OP whether it kills somebody or not.
§  Summoning large creatures, such as dragons, is also considered to be OP!
§  Destroying a building, especially plot essential buildings, in one post is considered to be OP!
* 'Fridge Magic’ is also considered a form of overpoweredness. Fridge Magic is spontaneous luck, which allows the player to avoid damage or consequence for their actions. It can be done accidentally, so it’s not treated as harshly, but please undo it if multiple people call you out on it or if the GM calls you out on it.
7. The time is 4E 208
8. You can make up a province or settlement for your character to live in.
9. You can be any of the 10 races of the Elder Scrolls games. Consult the GM or the Co-GM if going to RP with any extinct race.
10. You can take control of any NPC (e.g. Sven), as long as no one else is controling them at the time. (Also don't go to over the top with powerful NPC's)
11. Choose a class, gender etc...
12. Choose weapons/armour etc...
13. You can add the occational song or track in a link to the RP, use () to state that you are adding a track.
14. You can Flashback in the RP to previous times.
15. If you are new to the RP do not forget a Character card..
16. There are 6 Great Houses that you can join.
House Slarq: This Great House is the main house of all. It controls Haafingar and it's the richest one, both in coin and hunt. It's the Great House of Solitude. It contains mainly Werewolves and archers. It's house shout is 'Frost Breath'.
House Lazoroth (Taken): The ancient and rich House Lazoroth is the oldest of all of the houses. It's currently neutral and haven't joined the Empire, so it minds it's own business. It's the Great House of Whiterun and it has the best riders of all Skyrim. It mainly contains Horsemen. It's current House Lord* is Oensianus Lazoroth. It's house shout is 'Unreleting Force'.
House Baraxian: This house has 'two faces'. It's very tranquil at times, but it's followed by rage once it's broken. This dark house appreciates the Necromantic Arts and most of it's members are Vampires and Necromancers. It's the Great House of Falkreath and, just like House Slarq, it only cares for hunting. It's house shout is 'Marked for Death'.
House Gremrhyn: This house is the most infamous house of them all. It contains mainly murderers, assassins, thieves and corruption. It only cares for gold and gold only and it's the Great House of Riften. It's house shout is 'Elemental Fury'.
House Terovidah: This is the most peaceful house of all of the houses and it's the only of it's kind that uses Dragons as locomotion, since they don't know how to teach Dragon Hatchlings to fight. It's the Great House of Morthal and it's a mortal enemy of House Baraxian even before the war. It mainly contains priests, healers, monks and paladins. It's house shout is 'Bend Will'**.
House Tyrenn: The most proud house of all and contains both Paladins and Necromancers. This house uses both the weaponry of High Rock and the technology of the Dwemer. It's full of Dwemer Culture and mainly made out of archers, hunters, scholars and Dwarven Sentinels. It's the Great House of Markarth. It's house shout*** is 'Ice Form'.
*Remember that only 6 Roleplayers can be the House Lords and 9 Roleplayers can be Hold Jarls.
**The Terovidah House Lord/Lady can only use Bend Will to tame Dragons and ride them, not for Mortal Mind Control or battle using Dragons.
***Only House Lords can have House Shouts, and there can be only 1 House Lord for each house.
Her's my Character Card:
Name: Oensianus Lazoroth
Race: Imperial and Nord breed
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Appearance: Golden short hair, light blue eyes, short beard and pale skin.
Class: Horseman
Spells: None
Powers: Imperial Luck, Voice of the Emperor, Battlecry
Armor: Dwarven Armor, Dwarven Helmet, Blades Gauntlets, Blades Boots.
Weapons: Elven War Axe, Elven Mace, Elven Sword
Great House: Lazoroth
Role in Great House: House Lord
Backstory: Unknown
Current Events:
Because of the war, many spies of the Great Houses have been sent to other houses, like the House Baraxian is sending Vampires to House Terodivdah. Many people have been dying due to the attempts on taking holds and raids on villages.
"No! This can't be!" A nordic voice shouted.
He slammed into the table as he saw the map: House Baraxian was quickly approaching Riverwood.
The nordic voice came from Oensianus, who was angry at the state of the war.
"Calm down, my lord. Certainly there is a way we can defend Riverwood and stop the invasion to Whiterun!" Rolane Deseey, Oensianus' Breton general, explained.
Oensianus sighed.
"But what way, Rolane?! We're going to lose the war if we stand idly by!"
"My lord, I'm going to send our best soldiers to Riverwood as soon as we can. We're going to ask Jarl Balgruuf for reinforcements if we're overwhelmed."
"Good. Send Captain Arbelle with them. She's the best spellsword in our ancient family."
"Yes, my lord."
Rolane walked out of the room and left the building. He went to climb the stairs from the Wind District, where the Lazoroth Great Hall was located, to the Cloud District, where Dragonsreach was located and where Jarl Balgruuf resides.
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• 4/19/2014

The Spells of the Krein Kro

In 4E 205, a sorcerer and his group begin to combat Dawnguard and Silver Hand efforts to fight vampires, werewolves, and the undead. The group also helps bandits and thieves, including the Forsworn, who have become bold and are beginning to attack soldiers and settlements, finally having success in driving out the Nords.
In the Rift, the Black-Briars have more influence over the Jarl then ever. The Thieves Guild also rises, being more powerful then ever as they reach the height of power.
In Haafingar, the sorcerer begins to have his men try to monopolize the businesses in Solitude, and cause chaos.
In response, the Knights' Accord soldiers (and guards) try to stop the threat, and partly succeed against the bandits and Forsworn operations, although the Thieves Guild and the Black-Briars are untouchable.
In response to the chaos in Haafingar, guards try to combat the sorcerer and his men head-on, although their weapons are no match for the sorcerer's magic.
The Dawnguard are partially able to combat the groups efforts, although Hjaalmarch and the Pale, as well as Falkreath, are crawling with vampires.
The Silver Hand is basically destroyed.
However, citizens, adventurers, mages, and warriors rise up to the threat, and your character is one of them.
1. What the GMs (RavenRT and I) say, goes.
2. The plot stays, and is offical for this roleplay and the wiki.
3. GMs accept and decline characters.
4. No arguing.
Bio: (link to character's page if on wiki)
Affiliation: (only Dawnguard, Silver Hand, Stormcloaks, Bandits, Forsworn, or non-affiliated)
Dawnguard players are to be in a patrol in Falkreath that is commanded by Gunngeir Eagle-Eye.
Silver Hand players will be in Hjaalmarch.
Knights' Accord soldiers players will be in the Reach.
Bandit players will be in Falkreath.
Forsworn will be in the Reach.
Adventurers will be in Eastmarch and will make their way to the Western holds.
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• 4/13/2014

Would anyone be willing to chat roleplay?

Because in 2012, we remembered where we were and we remembered everything in our head.
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• 4/11/2014

LoL, I'm still lurking around here but seriosuly...

I know, never really RP'ed here. but still got 5 characters(at least). But everytime I check the chat it's empty. Is there some schedule you're following?
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• 3/31/2014

Prey of the Night

In the year 4E 204, a merchant ship departed from Solstheim, headed to Windhelm. This ship held a dozen Werebear - six male and six female. When this ship arrived in Dawnstar, the beasts were able to break loose. They smashed their way out of the ship and into the wilderness, infecting several. Their disease spread throughout Skyrim and, in a short time, werebears had become the most populous creatures in the newly-independent state.
The Volkihar Clan also returned around this time, led by none other than Lord Heniel Bulforn. They were more powerful than ever. 
The Dawnguard, now led by Arinbjorn, immediately responded to the vampire and werebear threats.
Now it is up to the Dawnguard to put down these threats.
Character Form:
Services (do they train in a specific skill?):
Appearance (image or description):
Bio (unnecessary if there is a link to character's page on the wiki):
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• 3/22/2014

Guys, what the fuck?

Remi, where the fuck are you? Also, where the fuck is everyone else? I'm on almost everyday for hours and no one shows up.
Fuck. Seriosuly, this is bullshit. I once enjoyed here, now it's dead. Can't even do a roleplay anymore.
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• 3/20/2014


He is awesome. I think I'll have him freed.
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• 1/14/2014

Damn it all to hell!

you know what? DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! everyone get on in 5 days and 21 hours! I am SICK and TIRED of checking my notifications and finding nothing, doing nothing, and being BORED out of my FUCKING MIND.
Also, raven, are you SURE I cant have an island? just a little small one? Come on, theres bound to be a few uncharted islands...
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• 1/8/2014


everybody, just post something here when your on so that everybody will know when to get on chat. That way, if everybody posts and follows, we should be a bit more active.
im on from the time of this posting for prolly around three hours. Post here if you want to chat.
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• 11/23/2013

The Chosen RP

Rules: No OPing, no RPing unless we have three people, Chosen or Guardsmen only (hey, they're allied), you may have two characters if I apporve it, otherwise stick to one. Use OOC or brackets if it's something out of RP, and use "" when your character speaks.
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• 11/13/2013


it seems everyone is fucking gone lee has stopped getting on raven has stopped getting on sapphire spotted bow ties ect even on the other wikis i can never find everyone its like they've all vanished off the face of the internet.
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• 11/10/2013

We need to do something

ok, lets face it, we need to do something. Every wiki has suffered (albeit 'here at the end of all things' is doing well enough) in this group of wikis. And thus, I propose that a day and a week from now (saturday) we DO something about it. On that day, we all get on all the wiki's, do roleplays (MULTIPLE roleplays) on all of them, go on OTHER wiki's and invite our friends to our wiki's, and make
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• 10/2/2013


So,here's the first  RP of the wiki
1. No over-powered characters
2. You can use any character you have already created on the wiki,or create one here.
3. You can go anywhere in the RP
5. You know the rest of the rules
6. Realise I skipped 4.
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• 9/29/2013

Build Some Classes :D

I am extremely bored,and cannot think of a class/backstory for my next character. So,why not create a thread where people can share their awesome class ideas. Have fun ;)
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