Aendrir is an argonian wanderer. He has purple and blue scales, the blue ones are either dark midnight blue or a crystalline blue similar to glass. He wears strange spongey armor and carries a chitinous, blackened glaive. While he is good at making himself unnoticed, when he isnt trying to sneak, he is very visible by his tall height. He is seven feet tall, but he is very slender. His eyes are a bright blue color, and his face juts forwards and he has very sharp, defined features.


Aendrir typically relies on his spear in combat. He prefers to stay hidden, but when he has to fight he is willing to draw his sword and spill blood.


Aendrirs origins are shrouded in mystery. The first rumours of his existance was just a few passing tales of a strange creature hiding in volcanic shafts deep below the ground.

For decades Aendrir remained underground. However, when a volcanic blast released smoke and ash into the air, it collapsed his caverns and he was forced to explore new lands. Eventually, he found a passage to the surface, the first light of day he had ever seen.

He had emerged in western skyrim, in fact in the middle of a battle between the imperials and stormcloaks. He emerged wielding a spear made of black bone and armor carved of some strange spongey material. Most of both imperials and stormcloaks were already dead, and the three remaining were killed by Aendrir, who thought they were attacking him due to their weapons being drawn. He fled to high rock to escape the stormcloaks, and has remained since.