Ld138 jace
Aldaril in his Chosen/ex-phijic robes.
Biographical information
Nickname(s) The Ultimate Mage, Firestorm, Protector
Born 2nd of Midyear 2e 100
Physical description
Hair Grey. Blonde (formerly)
Eyes Yellow,high elven
Height 6.3
Career information
Occupation High Mage of the Serpentshrine Guard
Rank Serpentshrine Guard
Affiliations Chosen,Serpentshrine Guard
"Alone...alone. Is that anyway you want to live? Hated for being different,special,blind? Nobody accepted me for being different,taunted me for being blind. The Chosen accept me though,actually respect me. I like them for that,and will always be loyal"

Aldaril is a male member of The Chosen