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Ambrogio Valyrian
Ambrogio Valyrian
Biographical information
Full name Ambrolius Licinius Valyrian
Known aliases Ambrogio the Elder
Born Tirdas, 9th of Second Seed, 3E 170
Died Mondas, 4th of Sun's Dawn, 3E 191
Cause of death Porphyric Hemophilia
Citizenship Castle Volkihar
Family Selene Valyrian - (Sister)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Green/Grey
Height 1.96 m(6′5″)
Weight 119 kg (260.lbs}
Career information
Affiliations Volkihar Clan

The Chosen

Accessory information
Secondary Weapon(s) Sanguinare Vampiris
The Elder Scrolls series information
Appears in Encounter in Khaloskir
Voice actor(s) Wes Johnson
Performance capture actor(s) Reuben Langdon
"The moons have beckoned. New blood will drip, as if the skies cry with thirst. A curse placed upon. One I shall see through until the dawntime comes. When we all sleep."
Ambrogio Licinius Valyrian, also known as Ambrogio the Elder, is a mysterious, secretive, and well informed vampire and sorcerer form the Volkihar Clan. Revered for his his deceptive appearances and near mythological status as a vampire, many have hunted him, causing him to differ into the ranks of The Chosen. A near fictional member of the Chosen commune, he is respected for his experience, accomplishments and devotion.


Ambrogio is shown to be sophisticated, intellectual and charming. Malevolent as well as malicious over his current emotional state, Ambrogio censors many secrets. He speaks in a cryptic behavior, when he speaks about his history, where he will try to avoid any given answer subtly. Despite his chill and cold-hearted personality, he is not uncaring or openly offensive to others. Ambrogio often does not speak, although, when he does, he typically has something important to say.


Talik vax Elexios adversely allowed Valyrian to participate in the trials, despite being an amplified vampire. He allowed removal of his gender of the individual, and surprisingly did not bleed, due to his unbeating heart. Stripped of his robes and left only a bone-handled knife as custom to survive, he entered the wilderness of the trial ground. After he slaughtered his prey, a great mountain lion named Assullifix, he crafted his soul weapon out of Nightsilver and the lions fang as the hilt. His dagger is known to him and the chosen as the ‘Tawn’ after the pelt-color of the mountain lion.