Anton is a Breton raised in Cyrodiil and taught from an early age how to make things out of adamantium. Adamantium is very rare and as such he only created two weapons and one set of armor in his life time. The first weapon was a dagger perfectly balanced for throwing with an emerald in the pommel. This was later given to his wife as a wedding present. The second weapon was a claymore with a ruby in the pommel. The claymore was named The Gods' Sting and was given a large notched section half way down for tearing and sawing while the top was given a broad leaf shape. The armor was only crafted after he grew to the age of 30 and his father helped him make it and plate it with a thin layer of silver. After he grew up he and his wife moved to Wayrest in High Rock. Now he is a sell sword and occasional tour guide for the random traveler.