Arthur the Breton
Important Information
Gender Male
Family None
Status Alive
Nicknames None
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'10"
Weapons Blades Sword
Long Bow
Blades Shield
Race Breton
Home Skyrim

"To serve right ideals, and justice for all!"

- Arthur

Arthur is a male Breton adventurer from the province of Morrowind. He came to Skyrim looking for adventure after he became bored by Morrowind and Cyrodiil. Supposedly, many of his ancestors were members of the Blades.


Arthur is brave and kind-hearted, and will help anyone as long as it involves excitement, but if not he can settle for gold. He also seems to not support racial discrimination and treats all people equally.

However Arthur is sadly not very tactical and very brash when it comes to combat. Usually charging head first into combat, his skills are mighty however this most often gets him into trouble when he faces more than one opponent.

Quotes Edit

"For the divines, for the land, for the mountains!" - Arthur heading into battle.