Audeius Rulician

Important Information
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Born 26th of Heartfire, 4E 177.
Family Rulician Noble Line
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Height 6'1
Other Information
Affiliation Imperial Government (minor)
Weapons Ebony Dagger
Home Cyrodil

Audeius Rulician is an Imperial noble born in the Imperial City in Cyrodil. While he does not have extremely high royal connections, he is among the richest people in the Imperial City. He and Brynja Snow-Song met at Solitude years before it was taken by Stormcloaks.


Early lifeEdit

Due to the fact that the Rulician family was not very high up in the government, Audeius could spend plenty of time with his parents. They still, however, tried to avoid spoiling him.

Later lifeEdit

When Audeius was about 18, he travelled to Skyrim on a visit to Solitude. At a small party, he met Brynja, and was intrigued to know more about her. After talking with her for most of the night, he developed feelings for her. Brynja, while not immediately as much, returned the feelings.

They managed to meet each other often, but frequently wrote to each other. However, he stopped receiving letters from her when she was imprisoned for a year due to larceny. He began to lose faith, but then learned of her imprisonment, and why she was in jail, and became disappointed.

When Brynja got out of jail after a year, she sent Audeius a letter, but he ignored it and did not send a reply, angry that she was a thief and slightly because she was poor after her imprisonment.