Important Information
Race Nord
Gender Male
Born 4E 138
Family None
Status Alive
Nicknames None
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'0"
Affiliation Imperial Legion
Weapons Hunting Bow
Steel Dagger
Steel Sword
Race Nord
Home None

Benedikt was one of the few Imperial Legion Foresters that was still alive during Skyrim's Civil War.

Great WarEdit

During the Great War, Benedikt and most, if not all of the other Foresters rallied near Anvil when the Aldmeri Dominion showed up.

The twelve men attempted to fend off the Dominion until reinforcements arrived using guerilla warfare tactics, but were discovered and massacred. 

Every Forester was severely wounded; Benedikt took five arrows to the torso and lost sight in his left eye, as well as losing hearing in the left ear.

When reinforcements finally did arrive, a healer found Benedikt and saved his life. He looked over the fields outside of Anvil and saw the battered bodies of his comrades lying in pools of blood - a sight he would never forget.

Soon after, Benedikt was discharged from the Imperial Legion. He traveled back to Skyrim and lived in a cabin in the hills of The Rift.