The Bleu Royals were a Breton Kingdom that sided with the Knights' Accord.
Bleu Royals

The Banner of the Bleu Royals

Second Great WarEdit

The Bleu Royals were often attacked by the Iliac Bay Guardsmen, although the battles were short and only lasted a few hours. The Bleu Royals assisted the Knights' Accord with their operations in High Rock.

Military RanksEdit

Rank One: Recruit - Newly joined soldiers.

Rank Two: Soldier - Experienced soldiers, often tasked with combat.

Rank Three: Sergeant - Soldiers who often act as flag bearers or guards to either the court or occupied territories/cities, sometimes tasked with combat.

Rank Four: Knight - Soldiers that often act as the vanguard to attacks or assistants to the Royal Court's members.

Rank Five: Captain - Officers who rarely see combat, instead working as field commanders.

Royal CourtEdit

The Royal Court is the governing body of the Bleu Royals. It is mostly made up of Bretons, although some Nords, as well as Imperials, are in the court.