Brandr the Slayer was a Nord dragonslayer that fought with the Blades.


Early lifeEdit

Brandr was born in 4E 176, and was raised in Solitude. His father was part of the Imperial Legion, and his mother worked at the Winking Skever.


Brandr joined the Imperial Army's Fourth Legion in 4E 198, and, in 4E 201, fought in many battles across Skyrim, including the Siege of Whiterun. He was an experienced soldier, and was liked by his commanders. In late 4E 201, he became a Praefect.

However, in 4E 202, he left the Legion, and was soon contacted by the Blades, who were recently restored,  because of his prowess in fighting and determination. He left Solitude and traveled to Sky Haven Temple soon after, where he took the oath and was given the signature Blades Armor and Blades Sword.


Brandr wears a full set of Blades Armor (the helmet, cuirass, boots, gauntlets, and shield), and wields a Blades Sword.

Blades CareerEdit