Claudius Connington
Simon Woods 0012
Important Information
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Born 4E 179
Family None
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown/Hazel
Hair Color Red
Height 6'3"
Weight 200 lbs
Other Information
Affiliation Imperial Legion
Weapons Imperial Sword
Imperial Bow
Home Cyrodiil

Claudius Conninton was a Quaestor in the Imperial Legion who served in the Skyrim Civil War and the Second Great War as a part of Silian Secunia's centuria.

Early lifeEdit

Claudius was born to Jon and Perrinel Connington in 4E 179, in the city of Anvil. He lived a normal life until 4E 201, when he joined the Imperial Legion at 22 years old.

Imperial Legion CareerEdit

Skyrim Civil WarEdit

Claudius served under Silian Secunia and was an archer in his centuria. He never got involved in head-on fights, except in situations where they were required, preferring to provide support by firing arrows. He was present during the Siege of Whiterun and during the capture of Dawnstar and Winterhold, and their respective forts.

He was also present during the Battle for Solitude and escaped with the remains of Sillian Secunia's centuria after the disaster.

Second Great WarEdit

Claudius fought at the Gold Coast during the outbreak of the Second Great War and later participated in the March on the Niben.

Personality and traitsEdit

Claudius was exceptional with a bow, even at a young age, and some compared his skill to that of Bosmeri soldiers. His skill with swords was average at best, however.

He was a loyal man of few words, and quite obedient. He has been known to disobey orders, but only rarely and when the orders had been ridiculous or suicidal. He was not a great leader or thinker; he is also fast to anger and slow to forgive.


"I bet a hundred septims Skald loses. "
―Claudius, commenting on the brawl between Skald the Elder and Silian Secunia
"I shoot things and kill them. That is my job, my profession and my life. It's my way of life, I couldn't give a horker shit what you think."
―Claudius, to a Stormcloak who called him a spineless scumbag.
"Why do I fight for the Imperials? Because I believe they are what is best for Tamriel. I don't know they are, but I believe they are. I've got no problem with people who think differently, except for the ones who try to kill me. Those ones I have a problem with."
―Claudius, telling somebody why he fights for the Empire.