Domus Mede
Domum Medus is an ancient stronghold located high in the mountains in the Hjaalmarch hold. It is one of the most dramatic remaining examples of Cyro-Nordic architecture.

Construction began by Ysgramor's followers as a safehouse, though its construction was halted by the Elvish pogroms siege of the city of Saarthal on what became known as the Night of Tears. Finally finished in the Fourth Era by the New Imperialium under the order of Attrebus Mede III at the conclusion of the Great War with the Aldmeri Dominion. It is said that he and his personal guard use it as the headquarters of the New Imperialium throughout the Fourth Era. Legend has it, he archives any source of information from tales to artifacts and the temple is believed to have the only surviving repository of the oldest Atmoran lore.