Eraami was a male Altmer that served as a Thalmor Justiciar throughout Tamriel.


Early lifeEdit

Eraami was born in Alinor, 4E 170, on the 28th of Sun's Dawn. His father was a Thalmor soldier stationed at Northwatch Keep.


During his childhood, Eraami was taught in the art of magic, and was also taught to hate the races of man and was told Talos was not a god.


During this time, Eraami was taught more about the art of magic, and was trained with weapons, although he wished to be a Thalmor Justiciar.


When Eraami became eligible to serve as a Thalmor Justiciar, he immediately signed up for the job. He was soon shipped to Skyrim to stamp out Talos worship and enforce the White-Gold Condordat in Hjaalmarch.

However, Eraami left Skyrim a few weeks before Solitude fell to enforce Elsweyr.

Thalmor Justiciar serviceEdit


Eraami was a well known Justiciar for his ability to strongly enforce the Condordat. He also stamped out much of Talos worship; however, he had to leave Skyrim to reinforce Elsweyr just weeks before Solitude fell.