Eregon Stormaire was a fierce warrior of the Chosen and one of Talik vax Elexios' top lieutenants.


Caravan GuardEdit

Before becoming a part of the Chosen, Eregon guarded a large Khajiit caravan. He was paid especially well because of his skill and dedication to protecting the merchants and their goods. However, when the caravan entered Chryllite territory during the night, they were attacked by their elite guards who slaughtered the caravan, mistaking them for raiders.

Eregon attempted to crawl into the night and escape, knowing he stood no chance against the guards. In the end, he was spotted and forced to fight several guards. During the fight, he broke one guard's neck and killed a few others, but was eventually knocked out. While imprisoned, he was visited by Talik vax Elexios, leader of the Chosen.

Beginning of a New LifeEdit

Talik said that Eregon would be able to live a life of luxury and freedom on one condition: that he fought for Chrylli with undying loyalty. Eregon accepted this; however, when told that he would need to be castrated if he wished to join the Serpentshrine Guard, he replied that what he would really need was thicker armor between the thighs.

Because of his prowess in combat and leadership ability, Eregon became a high-ranking member of the organization and earned his own unqiue title: High Chieftain.