Attrebus Mede IV
Euios Mede
Attrebus IV, 4E 201, age 53
Biographical information
Full name Euuos Kaisar Mede
Known aliases Attrebus The Fourth
Born Loredas, 20th day of Frostfall, 4E 148
Citizenship Cyrodiil
Family Kaisarus Mede (Father)

Sosia Mede (Mother)

Physical description
Hair Auburn
Eyes Green
Height 1.84 m(6′4″)
Weight 120 kg (264.lbs}
Career information
Occupation Emperor/ Prince/ Writer/
Rank Prince
Affiliations Imperial Legion
Accessory information
The Elder Scrolls series information
Appears in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Voice actor(s) Peter Vack
Performance capture actor(s) Igor Breakenback

Reuben Langdon

Prince Euios Mede (Colovian: Euǔío), of the Imperial Mede lineage, was the last Mede Emperor of Tamriel and the fifth and final ruler of the Mede Dynasty.

He ruled as Emperor Attrebus IV from 4E 201 until his abdication on the 21st of Last Seed, 4E 205, after the emergence of the Second Great War. From 1 to 12 Heartfire 4E 205, he was briefly restored to the throne as a nominal emperor. After the Knights' Accord was established between Skyrim and Hammerfell, Euios was imprisoned as a war criminal for ten years before he could flee to the safety of Cyrodiil.

Euios's abdication in 4E 205 marked the end of millennium of dynastic rule in the Empire and thus he is known throughout the holds by the sobriquet "The Last Emperor".