Faric Dandre is a Breton bandit.


Faric uses a Steel sword, which he is very experienced with. He also has a full set of iron armor. But, if he loses his sword, he has a back-up steel dagger, just incase.

Imperial Legion careerEdit

Faric actually served in the Imperial Legion in the Skyrim Civil War, though, only for a year. His most major fighting action was when Stormcloak soldiers assaulted their post. They held out, but in the intense fighting Faric was hit by an arrow in the upper left arm, then he was attacked by a Stormcloak.

The Stormcloak and Faric were unable to land critical blows to each other and fought for quite a while, until Faric managed to knock the Stormcloak to the ground and finish him off. But when he did, he was hit by an arrow in the lower right leg and the right arm.

After this, he crawled to cover from the arrows as the battle raged on. His wounds caused him to rethink his choice of life. After recovery, he fought a few more skirmishes and minor battles before he deserted the Imperial Legion for banditry.


His family lives in High Rock. He has a brother, a father, and a mother.

Bandit CareerEdit

Faric, after deserting for banditry, headed to Mistwatch.

The bandits accepted him as a bandit, and, after joining, he participated in many patrols and ambushes against travelers.