"Come, my brave boys! Let us show those pointy-eared bastards and their Imperial puppets what happens when they deny a Nord their freedom!"
―Haaki leading his men into battle.

Born: 4th of Sun's Dawn, 4E 168

Died: 17th of Sun's Dusk, 4E 200

Haaki Snow-Sword is a male Nord who fought with the Stormcloaks.


At one point in his life, Haaki joined the Imperial Legion, and became a high-ranking warrior there. Later, he met a woman named Fryfnh that would become his wife while in Solitude. Haaki soon decided to retire from the Legion, and marry the fine woman.

After the two married, they decided to start a family. They produced a son and daughter. The son was named Lasska and the daughter was named Hjotrast. Ten years later (his son was nine, and his daughter was seven), Haaki saw a woman being harassed by Legion soldiers, so he intervened, and a Legionnaire smashed Haaki in the chest with his shield, knocking him over. He kicked the sword out of the Legionnaire's hand, and a fight ensued. Haaki managed to make them yield, and he left. However, about a week later, the angry Legionnaires attacked Haaki's home, seeking revenge.

They killed his children, then raped his wife, who they later killed. Haaki returned home to see Lasska and Hjotrast, and the naked corpse of Fryfnh all hanged in the front of his house. Most of the home was burned to the ground, also. He cut his family's bodies down, and buried them near their house. This day, Haaki changed: He wanted to destroy the Legion and then die.

This brave warrior led a small strike force against an Imperial fort, though he was killed in a duel with an Imperial officer. However, he impaled the officer with his sword and watched them collapse as he fell to the ground, dying. He drew in one final breath, raised his sword, and cried "For Skyrim!" before he passed away. He acted as a martyr for the Stormcloak Rebellion, which spurred them to fight harder.