Hjotra Hanse
Hjorta Hanse
Biographical information
Full name Hjortra Ingokn Hanse
Nickname(s) She-Wolf of Valor
Born Mondas, 7th of Last Seed, 4E 181
Citizenship Windhelm
Physical description
Hair Brunette
Eyes Green
Height 1.78 m(5'10")
Weight 63 kg (138.lbs)
Career information
Occupation Stormcloak Strategist
Rank Captain
Affiliations Stormcloaks
Accessory information
The Elder Scrolls series information
Voice actor(s) Cassandra Ford
"The Imperials are cowards, falling on their knees to the Thalmor. Both Imperials and Stormcloaks are united in their desire to make Talos worship a right of every Nord, but the Stormcloaks are the only ones to admit it."
Hjotra Ingokn Hanse, popularly known as the She-Wolf (Hαijsra), is a Nordic Field Marshal of the Stormcloak rebels. She earned the respect of both her own troops and the enemies she fought. She is the direct descendant of an old Jarl of Winterhold from the First Era, Jarl Hanse.

Issued by Ulfric Stormcloak as his personal strategist, she entered the war against the Imperials during the Great Uprising, ordering raids and guerrilla tactics to divide and conquer. Her most decisive victories are when she worked as the second field tactician during the Battle at Solitude, and the Siege of Whiterun. Currently, she resides inside the Palace of the Kings, living as an adviser and tactician as a war veteran of the Skyrim Civil War, preparing for the war in the North.


Hjotra Hanse was born as Malukah Hanse, on the 7th of Last Seed, 4E 181 in Valunstrad, Windhelm. She was the fifth of six children born to parents Máttr and Fremja (Free-Winter) Hanse. The daughter of a soldier who enlisted early with Ulfic Stormcloak's militia, Hjortra joined the Stormcloak infantry in 4E 198 and fought as a lieutenant and militia-women in The Reach and Markarth to counter attacks from the Reachmen. She rejected advancement through the regular promotion channels, choosing to remain in the infantry after the civil war begun.

Having lived her entire life by the skill of her bow, it is no secret why the Stormcloaks called upon her time and time again to guide and train their advanced archers. Jarl Ulfric has always had a high regard for her abilities, even though she continued to refuse them when offered a higher place in the rebellion.


"I've always gotten the somewhat "emotionally tortured" ambiance from the man; he has more enemies in his own mind that he does on the field of battle, if you ask me. Anytime I went to report directly to him when he was in his personal quarters, he would be pacing the halls back and forth, even through the early morning."
- Thoughts on Ulfric Stormcloak

"Galmar drives me crazy. He's everything they think us Stormcloaks; a savage, racist, ignorant war-monger. He's an honest fellow, but as a person I find him detestable."
- Thoughts on Galmar Stone-Fist

"Elisif wouldn't, have made a decent High Queen. Skyrim is as harsh and rugged as it is gorgeous. She couldn't have enough iron in her spine to firmly bring such a land to heel alone. Skyrim must be ready to rule itself, as it fends for itself alone."
- Thoughts on Elisif the Fair

"While I think on an intellectual level, anyone who really thought about it and realized the magnitude of the Dominion's threat would throw their lot in with the Empire."
- Thoughts on the Aldmeri Dominion

"There was a reason why the Thalmor refereed to the Great War as the First War."
- Thoughts on the Second Great War