Horik Flameheart
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Hroki (Eldest son)
Istalf (Youngest son)
Status Alive
Nicknames Jarl Horik
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown


Affiliation Stormcloaks
Weapons Talos' Fury
Race Imperial-Nord
Home Helgen

Horik Flameheart is an Imperial-Nord who was born on the 31st of Sun's Height, 4E 174. As well as being a former Stormcloak general, he became the Jarl of Helgen after it was rebuilt in 4E 203.

Early lifeEdit

Horik grew up in Solitude. His parents were Imperial Legionnaires who served during the Great War alongside the Imperial Legionnaires. He was friends with Gunngeir Eagle-Eye, although he did not have the nickname of Eagle-Eye until years later, when he earned it during Stormcloak service.

Stormcloak CareerEdit

Horik and Gunngeir joined the Stormcloaks in early 4E 193. Almost six years later, in the hills of the Reach, the then-Commander Gunngeir was heavily wounded and ordered to be left for dead by his second-in-command, Svogrelh. Though he survived, Horik grieved over Gunngeir's "death" for several years.

Talos' FuryEdit

Talos' Fury is the famous Ebony Warhammer belonging to the Flameheart family. A close friend of Talos, named Hormiki Flameheart forged it after observing Talos in battle. The hammer soon grew in fame, and was passed down the Flameheart line, eventually into the possession of Horik Flameheart.