The Iliac Bay Guardsmen was a force made up of the most elite warriors from High Rock. It was based in Wayrest. They had their own fleet, "Fleet of the Guardsmen", who patrolled the waters of Iliac Bay.


The Guardsmen were founded by Robent the Brave after he came to believe High Rock needed a better naval defense force in 4E 195. Over the course of a few years, it developed it's famous "Fleet of the Guardsmen", and after that they evolved a marine force.

After observations made by Robent in the Skyrim Civil War, the land force of the Guardsmen underwent several huge changes that improved combat abilities and tactics. The force grew very large, almost equal in numbers to the regular army, and in 4E 203 was famous for defeating pirate kings in the Iliac Bay and for putting an end to bandit attacks near several major cities and villages.

Second Great WarEdit

In 4E 205, the Kingdom of High Rock declared war on Skyrim in a vain attempt to be connected with the Empire. One of the many subconflicts in the Second Great War, it involved all members of the Iliac Bay Guardsmen and was a defining moment in their history.

When the war began, naval forces of the Guardsmen engaged several fleets from Skyrim and Hammerfell, defeating every one with ease. In Wayrest, the Guardsmen and High Rock Army fought valiantly against hordes of Nordic and Redguard troops, but eventually, most of the city was lost to the unstoppable advance of the Solitude Accord and their combined armies.

By 4E 206, most of eastern High Rock was under Accord control, but the Iliac Bay was still free from occupation. By the end of the year, however, most of the Guardsmen Fleet was destroyed by constant battles, and finally, just before the fall of Northpoint, Robent surrendered to Accord naval captains. However, just before imprisonment, the Accord joined forces with the Empire and made peace in High Rock.

After realizing the situation in Cyrodiil, both the Bretons and the Orcs threw in support for the Accord/Imperial alliance. The King of High Rock absorbed the fallen order of Guardsmen into the High Rock Army and Navy, ending eleven years of Guardsmen existence.

Notable membersEdit

Robent the Brave, Commander of the Guardsmen

Philippe Dé Leon, General

Valsten the Damned, General and traitor

Varnan Dandre, General

Bovkin Debent, General

Heniel the Loyal, War Leader

Relie Ernand, War Leader

Fenand the Ruthless, War Leader

Inwold Dilbor, Battle Knight