Ka Po' Tun

Important Information
Race Khajiit
Gender Male
Born 8th of Frostfall, 4E 180
Family Weylas (brother)
Status Alive
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Orange
Height 5'10"
Weight 175 lbs
Other Information
Affiliation Khajiit Monks
Weapons Assorted Stalhirm weapons
Home Skyrim

J'Dato is a Khajiit monk and adopted brother of Weylas.


J'Dato uses a Stahlrim Bo Staff or a Stahlrim Greatsword with a Stahlrim Bow.


J'Dato often had to help fight off the bullies for his brother Weylas. After they grew up, J'Dato went to Elsweyr to be trained by the monks, while Weylas joined the Imperial Legion. Unlike most Khajiit, those in his Temple worshiped a the god Alakosh instead of the normal Alkosh, both of which are simply variations of Akatosh, the only difference is that Alakosh is still refered to as a Dragon. Later as he was coming home to Skyrim he stopped in Riften for about a month or so where he met the prostitute  Miaren. He taught her some basic martial arts and then left. He is now traveling the roads of Skyrim.