"Your life is marked, Sithis commands it."
―Ja'Guare before an assassination.

Ja'Guare was a Khajiit who joined the Dark Brotherhood as an Assassin. Born on the 25th of Sun's Dusk, 4E 186, in the Rimmen providence of Elsweyr, he was raised as a capable tradesmen and racketeer owner. His parents were nomadic salespeople and would travel many miles to sell their valuable wares, even as far as the state of Skyrim. Secretly, he would assassinate small business owners to forward his own company needs. As an accountable member of society, he was very careful about how he went about. He became an intelligent and cunning Khajiit, and this prompted the Dark Brotherhood to find and recruit him to their creed.

Dark Brotherhood Life


Ja'Guare Assassinating

His position in the Dark Brotherhood became fierce and difficult compared to the others appointed by Nazir. It consisted of political blackmail, trade extortion, and assassination. After each contracted kill for the brotherhood, he would dedicate their soul to the dread father himself to appease him. His targets were more than mere peasants, he would take out key members of the society, business owners, other thanes, and mill owners. By doing this he would spread mass chaos on a political and much grander scale than any other member in the Brotherhood.

Sithis Worship

As a prominent member of the Dark Brotherhood, he had a refined view of the spreading of chaos. Unlike his under-associates, he never committed mass killing sprees or high profile murder to honor Sithis' values. He would instead stalk single targets around different holds and kill them when no one could see, this would spread chaos enough for him to be noticed by Sithis himself. He crafted a shrine to Sithis in the Sanctuary, where he would leave a new offering every day, this could be nightshade, diamonds or an item from one of his victims. If someone upset him with something they said, he would kill them, justifying his actions by saying that his God allowed such acts to be performed in his honor.


His father trained him proficiently in blades and archery, and once he joined the Dark Brotherhood, he was taught advanced combat and all forms of stealth. From his training, he was adept at single-blade sword fighting, and wore custom Dark Brotherhood armor.