Kirlanis is a Khajiit who was born in 4E 179.

Important Information
Race Khaijit
Gender Female
Born 4E 179
Family Mother, name unknown, Khajiit. Father, name unknown, Snow Elf
Status Alive
Nicknames Facepuncher
Eye Color White
Hair Color White
Height 5'11"
Weight 169 lbs
Other Information
Affiliation Imperial Legion
Weapons Claws
Home None


Kirlanis' mother was sent on an expedition to Yokuda to see if there was any life there. Her group found a small encampment of the last remaining Snow Elves. When the group left back for Elswyr, Kirlanis' mother stayed. 14 months later, Kirlanis was born. Her mother always told her that anything that cannot be solved by words or smarts can be solved by fists. She has never picked up a weapon in her life. At age 23, she left Yokuda to adventure in Tamriel.

Appearance and skillsEdit

Kirlanis looks like a white tiger. She is very smart and can win almost every debate. However, she is very good with her fists. She was born under the sign of the Steed, so she can wear Heavy Armor as if it was clothes. She can therefore move very fast while having great protection.