Leinys Nelthar
Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Female
Born N/A
Family N/A
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Blue
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Other Information
Affiliation Nelthar Clan
Weapons N/A
Home Skyrim

Leinys Nelthar is a member of the Nelthar clan.


Leinys is far from the most cheerful person you'll ever meet, she hates all of humankind, elfkind and beastkind alike for killing her family.


Leinys was born to a loving couple in the Imperial city.

Leinys was born with blue hair and because of it many people shunned her, the parents noticed it and decided to have her stay at home. But one day Imperials knocked on their door, Leinys was to be executed. The Imperials believed that Leinys was some kind of evil creature sent to nirn by a daedric lord.

Her parents tried to protect her but they were no match for the Imperials who killed her parents before her very eyes. The Imperials were just about to grab Leinys but she grabbed a dagger and drove it into the Imperial's heart. The other were about to rush in but the door was shut by something they could not see.

Next to Leinys stood a man, He claimed his name was Nait Nelthar. He told Leinys that she should come with him to Skingrad and be a Nelthar, at this point however Leinys declined by trying to kill Nait, however he simply disappeared into thin air.

The Imperials now kicked down the door and tried to kill Leinys, She killed another Imperial before fleeing the Imperial City, She traveled North towards Skyrim. To get there she had to travel through Bruma where she were met by the same looks as the one who killed her parents. Again she picked up a dagger and murdered people and again she had to flee.

She continued Northwards towards the pale pass. Where she decided to stay for the night. However, she woke up in a cave, next to a strange jester. he was singing and rhyming the strangest sentences with his high-pitched voice. He turned to Leinys and said that he was on his way to Skyrim, transporting his dead mother.

This crazy man was named Cicero. He was also the first man that Leinys did not attack since the Imperial city. He taught Leinys to kill, and escorted her into Skyrim where she went on her first true massacre.

"No, I'm not killing you because of your work. I'm killing you because you're alive."
Leinys Nelthar seconds before killing a Drug dealer.

She kept killing whoever she could people from all races, genders and ages. But Leinys was soon contacted by Astrid a member of the Dark brotherhood as well as Nilya a member of the Nelthar clan. She was given a choice here, join one of the two or die. Apparently the citizens of Skyrim had laid a trap for her to stop her massacre.

She joined both, she did jobs for the Dark Brotherhood and took up the name of the Nelthars.