"I only serve those I see worthy. If you aren't worthy for me, don't even bother me, for no amount of honeyed words, coin or intimidation will change my mind."

Mariel Yu'katan is a young Breton, and was handy with magic. She only followed people she saw worthy of following, mainly because of an incident at an Ayleid Ruin. Mariel was born in 4E 185.


Mariel was separated from her parents at the age of 12. She stumbled across the College of Winterhold at the age of 14, and she stayed there until age 16 before she left to find out more about her family. Doing this made her meet two people, who she cannot remember clearly, in an Ayleid Ruin. She never returned to the College and just traveled around Tamriel hoping to find something interesting to do. She found out her parents died when she was in Morrowind and stumbled across a charred corpse, with a partially burned note on its body. It only stated the name of her mother (Ashiri Yu'katan), the amount of death seen and leaving behind someone called Rigney, she just assumed he was her father, the rest of the note was burned. Being gifted with magic was odd for her family, since they were born with next to no magic in their bloodline.

Everyday LifeEdit

Mariel has no place she calls home. Leaving the College made her sort of adventurous, which really never was seen to be "her" beforehand. Nobody really knows Mariel, and those who meet her, quickly forget. She wears a black robe, with a sort of freezing pattern, giving off an illusion of frost when she moves, her hair is nearly an unnatural red, and pitch black, and she usually keeps that tucked in her black hood, her shoes are also black. Mariel also wields a blade called Withered Blood Blade, which can either absorb health, or wither at somebodies health until they die, it is a red Glass Sword in appearance.


"Don't bother with your... Petty problems, leave me be."

"You think my life is easy, because I look "pretty" enough to escape danger? Tell me more about how I get pestered by more bandits then a merchant does."

"Those who believe in what they see is a fool; not everything is what is seems."

"You come up to me, heavily armored, and try to rob me? You bandits are all the same, now taste my fury!"

"I get forgotten most the time, which I believe is a gift. No one will know who took their stuff."

"What moves in the wilds, I kill. What charges at me with a weapon, I kill. Simple isn't it?"