"Alduin! Zu'u stin se hin nax; hin sille krii se!
(Alduin! I am free of your cruelty; I shall kill you!)"
―Midsotal just after erupting from the Sea of Ghosts

Midsotal (meaning "Loyal-White-Destroyer") was a Dragon who fought alongside Alduin and Paarthurnax during the Dragon War in the Merethic Era. He was given the name of Midsotal because he was of the unique white color of his scales.

During the Dragon War, Midsotal was one of Alduin's greatest, along with Jörmunir. However, because Alduin saw that Midsotal's power rivaled his own, Alduin killed the latter and had him buried under the Sea of Ghosts. In 4E 201, he arose from the seas and shouted that he would have his revenge. 

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