Important Information
Gender Male
Family None
Status Alive
Nicknames The Bloodknight
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height 7'0"
Affiliation Himself
Weapons Bloodknight's Sabre
Daedric Shield
Race Dremora
Home Oblivion
"Mortals are so....fragile."

- Mordred

Mordred was an extremely powerful Dremora who appeared in the Imperial City in 4E 210, as predicted by several scholars.

Return to TamrielEdit

In 4E 210, an Oblivion portal opened over the Imperial City in Cyrodiil, and Mordred stepped out. Many reacted with panic, but Legionnaires and guards confronted Mordred. He pushed his way through their lines.

Word reached the Solitude Accord quickly, and military couriers were sent to houses and villages, telling them to lock their doors, stay inside, black out windows, to light but a few lanterns, and to stay as quiet as possible.

Possible CultEdit

Although not a widely accepted fact, there is evidence that during the Second and Third Eras, there was a small cult devoted to Mordred. However, the cultists ended up sacrificing themselves for Mordred's "glory."


Mordred wields the Bloodknight's Sabre, a legendary weapon with very strong health-absorbing and soul-trapping enchantments. It recharges itself, making the possession of a soul gem unnecessary.


"Foolish mortal... You think you can best me?! So be it."
―Mordred when confronted by an adventurer clad in ebony armor