Oakaren Ereson the Tenth is, obviously, the tenth member in the Ereson line. He is a Wood Elf, and wears a mix of heavy and light armour.

Oakaren Ereson X
Important Information
Race Wood Elf
Gender Male
Born 13th of Second Seed, 4E 181
Family Oakaren Ereson IX (Father)

Marcil Ereson (Sister) Montha Ereson Arimil (Sister) Evrakorn Ereson (Brother)

Status Alive, Married
Nicknames None
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Redish
Height 5'10"
Weight 186 lbs
Other Information
Affiliations Imperial Legion
Weapons Ebony Sword and Dagger  (named Dragon Fang and Dragon Claw respectively)
Home Valenwood, but travels a lot


Early LifeEdit

Oakaren Ereson was born in Dawnstar, at the festival of Akatosh, to Oakaren Ereson IX, and an unknown mother. He was raised in Valenwood, living with his parents and sister. during his time there, he had many adventures. (WIP.)

Adult LifeEdit

He traveled back to Dawnstar in 4E 201, at the age of 20. While there, he met Betild, who was very hostile to him. He was the one who sent in the contract to the Dark Brotherhood. He eventually left Skyrim and traveled to Morrowind, and eventually Black Marsh. (WIP.)

Family HistoryEdit

The Eresons date back to the First Era, when Oakaren Ereson I was born. He saved his village in Valenwood from a large-scale bandit attack.

  • Oakaren Ereson II saved Nirn from corruption with the help of Ultima Nelthar and Palverinar the Fenmer.
  • Oakaren Ereson III was transported to the Void, ended up convincing Sithis to not destroy the world.
  • Oakaren Ereson IV ________________________________ (Same)
  • Oakaren Ereson V ______________________________
  • Oakaren Ereson VI ____________________________________
  • Oakaren Ereson VII _________________________________
  • Oakaren Ereson VIII stopped a previously unknown Daedric Prince from absorbing the others to become the most powerful entity in Mundus, but not before the Prince wiped eveyone's memory so he would not be ridiculed for eternity.
  • Oakaren Ereson IX ___________________________________
  • Oakaren Ereson X (Read background)