Percian is an Imperial man. He grew up in Imperial City, Cyrodill and is the sole survivor of the Knights of the Nine. He was once a lowly begger and drunkard. One day he stole the silver cups and plates from the Temple of the Devines and got almost outside the city before he was caught, beaten, and dragged back to the Temple to face the judgment of the Head-Priest. They said that he had the nerve to say that the Head-Priest had given them to him. The Priest said that was correct but thet Percian left so early that he left the best, the candle sticks, behind. After being released by the guards the Priest gave him the candle sticks and a blessing from the Devines saying: "You are reborn in the Light now The Gods' blessing go with you". He was instructed to go below the Temple and take the Oath in the tome on the stand and take the Armor Set, Shield, and Mace there. Now he travels all of Tamriel killing any of the vile Daedra and Daedra worshippers he can find.

He and Mortarion fought, the duel was arduous and drawn out but in the end Percian won. Saying : "I spare you this day servant of Peryite, that you may go to the Gods for forgiveness."


This is what he looked like when he was praying to the Devines for forgiveness.