Important Information
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Born 4th of Hearthfire, 4E 170
Status Alive
Hair Color Blonde
Other Information
Affiliation Imperial Legion
Weapons Ebony Longsword

Imperial Shield

Home Cyrodiil

Remus Irenius Pullio was an Imperial Quaestor that fought in the Second Great War under Legate Silian Secunia.


Remus had a normal temper and a good sense of humor. He was liked by many of his comrades.


Early lifeEdit

Remus was born in Bravil on 4E 170, on the 4th of Hearthfire, to two Imperials. His father was a member of the Bravil Guard, and his mother was an assistant to the count.

In 4E 171, Remus's mother took the one-year old boy to the safety of Bruma when the Third Aldmeri Dominion invaded Cyrodiil. Remus's father died in the defense of Bravil early in the war.

in 4E 175, Remus and his mother returned to Bravil, where his mother continued her job. Remus was given special oppurtunities in learning, and had many choices for his job by 4E 183. Ultimately, he chose to join the Fighters' Guild in 4E 191, performing high-risk jobs for lots of gold.


By the turn of the century, Remus was an accomplished Fighters' Guild member, renowned throughout Cyrodiil. When the Second Great War began in 4E 205, he left his job to serve in the Imperial Legion, rising to the rank of Quaestor early in his service.

Imperial Legion careerEdit

Second Great WarEdit

Battle of the Gold CoastEdit

Remus fought at the Gold Coast during the Second Great War, and he made good friends with a Legionnaire named Malpen.

March on the Niben RiverEdit

Remus, Malpen, Weylas, Brick, and Aurelius marched with the rest of Centuria VII Gravis to defend the Imperial City from the Aldmeri Dominion after finding out that they sent reinforcements east and broke through Leyawiin and Bravil.


Remus used an Ebony longsword and Imperial shield for offensive and defensive capabilities, respectively. He wore a set of Imperial light armor without the helm.

After the White-Gold Concordat was retracted, Remus openly wore an Amulet of Talos.


Remus followed the Imperial pantheon since his birth, but omitted Talos, due to the White-Gold Concordat. After the start of the Second Great War, Remus was convinced to worship Talos.