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Reund Kaylor is an Imperial and Companion. He has seen many places around Skyrim. He mainly uses his sword, but also uses a bow on side. In case he loses both of his weapons, he still has daggers. He joined the Companions shortly after he left the Imperial Legion.

Imperial Legion CareerEdit

While patrolling with his comrades, they were attacked by a group of Stormcloaks, and Reund, after killing a Stormcloak, was knocked unconscious. He woke up later, and saw all his comrades dead, lying in pools of blood. He then left the site and left the Legion, and after that, joined the Companions.

Companion CareerEdit

After leaving the Legion, he went directly to the Companions. Shortly after becoming one, he bought new armor and weapons. He also trained very well, and never failed a contract.

Later LifeEdit

After leaving the Companions, he married and moved to The Rift, where he had one son and a daughter. His daughter was named Fralvi, and his son was named Raxleon.