Robent the Brave was a Breton man who the lead the Iliac Bay Guardsmen.

Weapons and armorEdit

Robent used an Ebony Greatsword and wore a full set of Steel Plate Armor, minus the helmet, which gave him a good offensive and a good defense.


During his childhood, he made friends with Philippe Dé Leon, who came to be important in the Guardsmen. He also became a bully, beating on people who weren't Breton with the other children.

Second Great WarEdit

By the time of the Second Great War, Robent had become an adept general and warrior from commanding the Guardsmen. When High Rock declared war on Skyrim, the Guardsmen were at the front, destroying enemy naval forces and holding the city of Wayrest with High Rock Army soldiers.

Robent was commanding Guardsmen forces on the land, defeating several large enemy divisions before Wayrest ultimately fell. Robent escaped to the Guardsmen Fleet, where he, with Philippe De Leon, organized an effective sea resistance for two years before surrendering to Nordic captains after a major defeat. Just before imprisonment, the Solitude Accord allied with the Empire and ended the war in High Rock.

Due to this, Robent was free; however, when the King of High Rock threw in his support for the Accord/Imperial alliance, the Guardsmen were absorbed into the High Rock Army and Navy. Robent was sent down south, where he was killed later in the year during the Battle of Anvil.


  • Two-handed
  • Heavy armor
  • Speech