Tale of the Tongues - Skyrim Cover

Tale of the Tongues - Skyrim Cover

During the Skyrim Civil War, the Stormcloaks began their liberation of Skyrim at Whiterun, where they swiftly pushed the Imperial Legion out of the city and ousted Jarl Balgruuf the Greater before taking over Fort Greymoor.

Next, the Stormcloaks moved on to Falkreath, where they took over Fort Neugrad (and freed Stormcloaks who had been imprisoned there) before sending soldiers into Falkreath, who gave Jarl Siddgeir an ultimatum: To retreat from the Hold, taking his men with him, or be imprisoned.

At this point, Legate Silian Secunia led his centuria of men into The Pale, where they slaughtered the Stormcloaks at Fort Dunstad during the night. After this, they sent a Legionnaire into Dawnstar to set The Mortar and Pestle ablaze. While the citizens were panicking because of the fire, Silian and his Legionnaires appeared, surrounding the city. The centuria of Legionnaires fought their way through Dawnstar; Silian and four of his men kicked in the door to the White Hall; however, Jarl Skald was protected by his most elite guards.

The Legionnaires, however, managed to kill the guards and make the housecarl surrender. After this, Silian and the Jarl agreed to a one-on-one brawl, and whoever was beaten into submission first would leave the city with their powers. After a long brawl, the Jarl could take no more, and dropped to his knees. He was given time to pack his belongings and leave the city with his remaining guards. Silian became the temporary Jarl of the Pale while the centuria waited for guards to be sent to the city, and a true Jarl be selected.

After Brina Merilis was picked to be the Jarl and guards arrived in the city, Legate Secunia led his centuria into the harsh lands of Winterhold. They soon made a move to break several Imperial prisoners out of Fort Kastav. However, the soldier sent into the fort, the prisoners, and the small team outside of the garrison, were all killed. The next night, Legate Secunia and his men launched an all-out raid on Fort Kastav. The next morning, Silian marched his men into Winterhold and quickly overwhelmed the town's miniscule amount of guards and entered the Jarl's longhouse. Admitting defeat, Jarl Korir and his advisors left the city and found refuge in Windhelm. Once again, Secunia became the temporary Jarl.

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