Sosia Mede
Sosia Mede
Biographical information
Full name Sosia Lovidicii Acca Carvain
Known aliases The Calm Leader
Born Loredas, 22nd day of Evening Star, 4E 115
Died 3rd Day of Morning Star, 4E 203
Cause of death Political Assassination by Shadowstorm Assassins seeking Kaisarus
Citizenship Markarth
Family Plautis Carvain (Brother)

Kaisarus Mede (Husband)

Euios Mede (Son)

Physical description
Hair Brunette
Eyes Blue
Career information
Rank Former Legate
Affiliations Imperial Legion
Accessory information
The Elder Scrolls series information
Appears in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Voice actor(s) Natalie Portman
Performance capture actor(s) Claudia Black
Legate Sosia Mede was an Elven-Imperial who served as an Imperial recruiter for the Legion. She was also the devoted spouse of Attrebus Mede and a leading Imperial military commander during the battle at Solitude.

Physical DiscriptionEdit


Sosia was often described as being a beautiful Elven-Imperial woman, with long flowing brown hair, and light green eyes. She had a very womanly figure and the acustomed Imperial tan skin.

Sosia was loved by many across Skyrim and even Cyrodill, though she only settled for Attrebus. She was kind, and delightful to be in the presence of. She was referrred to as a goddess by Attrebus, and she never showed any bit of anger or aggression in her actions, unless on the battlefield.