Thaer was a former male Bosmer assassin of the Dark Brotherhood.


Early lifeEdit

Thaer was born in Cyrodiil to a wealthy Bosmer family in 4E 176 on the 9th of Sun's Dusk.


Thaer was originally meant to be a rich businessman who deeply followed his race's culture and traditions; however, during this period in his life, he secretly rejected the Green Pact.


In 4E 190, when he was 14, he ran from home, ending up in Skyrim. He was found wandering near Windhelm and was sent to Honorhall Orphanage. Two years after his "imprisonment" at Honorhall, however, he was kicked out of the orphanage because "they couldn't keep children forever". He then travelled to Falkreath after hearing there was opportunity to be made in the hold.


With Thaer being a natural sneak and archer, it was no wonder that, when he worked at a logging job in Falkreath, that he assassinated enemies of the company he worked for. He would also eat the dead bodies of his victims, not because of the Green Pact, but to hide the evidence.

However, his company's mill and storage area were burned down in 4E 198, and the company was shut down. Thaer was forced to become an assassin for hire, and was eventually sought by the Dark Brotherhood.

However, he left the Dark Brotherhood to train with Khajiit monks, where he was clean of the Dark Brotherhood and came to respect and follow the Green Pact. He then went on a pilgrimage of forgiveness around Tamriel.

Dark Brotherhood careerEdit

Because of his status as an assassin for hire was very high, he was sought by the Dark Brotherhood. He joined the organization immediately after being requested to join.

Thaer completed many contracts and earned lots of gold. Adding on to his natural skill in sneak and archery, he was also taught alchemy and lockpicking.

However, he left the guild to travel to Elsweyr to train with the Khajiit.


Thaer had rejected the Green Pact, thus becoming shunned by his kin. He also worshiped Sithis, but he has since became clean of that life and now respects and follows the Green Pact.



Thaer gained the unique bow Bruniik at the end of a Dark Brotherhood contract. It's a variant of the Hunting Bow, however, it seems it's strung with more tension and also has a chance of causing paralysis on those it wounds. However, after leaving the Dark Brotherhood, he uses a .


Thaer wore the traditional Shrouded Armor while in the Dark Brotherhood, but he now wears Hoodless Monk Robes.


  • Sneak
  • Archery
  • Lockpicking
  • Alchemy