Merethic Era

  • Midsotal and Jörmunir are slain by Alduin and buried under the Sea of Ghosts during the Dragon War.

First Era

Second Era

2E 20

2E 897

  • Tiber Septim declares an end to the Second Era, and thus, the Third Era begins.

Third Era

3E 41

  • The successful acquisition of the city of Helgen by Kintyra I's orders occurs, though much damage was dealt to the city and surrounding garrisons.

3E 170

3E 433

  • The Oblivion Crisis is resolved with the destruction of the Amulet of Kings and Martin Septim's death, ending the Septim Empire and beginning the Fourth Era.

Fourth Era

4E 82

4E 112

4E 115

4E 147

  • Thorstein is born in The Reach, on the 15th of Sun's Dawn.

4E 167

4E 168

4E 170

  • Dunnham is born in Illiac Bay, on the 3rd of Morning Star.

4E 173

4E 175

4E 181

4E 182

  • Angelika is born in Riften , on the 31st of Frostfall.

4E 186

4E 199

4E 201

4E 203

4E 205

  • The Second Great War begins when High Rock declares war on Skyrim and Hammerfell.