Tralon Hawker
Tralon a few years after joining the Dawnguard.
Biographical information
Nickname(s) Tralon Hawk-Eye,Tralon the One-Handed
Born 8th of Forst Fall 4e 187
Citizenship Skyrim Citizenship
Family Jonah Hawker (Father,deceased) Mabrel Hawker (Mother,Deceased) Jeane Hawker (Sister)
Physical description
Hair Dark Brown/Black
Eyes Green
Career information
Occupation Farmer (Former)
Rank Vampire Hunter
Affiliations Dawnguard
Tralon Hawker is a Breton-Redguard member of the Dawnguard.


He was born to a Redguard father and Breton mother in the small town of Rorikstead. When he was three, he became friends with a Nord named Jolgar. His father taught him the farming trade,and his mother taught him magic,and how to read. He and his friend dreamed of going on an adventure, but knew that two boys from a small town would never become heroes. Some of the Altmer children in Rorikstead bullied Jolgar for worshiping Talos, and Tralon for being his friend. One day a young Bosmer sided with the two boys in an argument, and they fought the Altmer together. After the three of them won a small battle, the Altmer left them alone and the Bosmer became their friend.

Early AdolescenceEdit

During his early adolescence, he thought that he would be stuck as a farmer forever, but decided to just go with the average Rorikstead life. One day, a small group of vampires attacked and killed some of the residents of the town. He and Jolgar were hiding in the basement of a small hut when a vampire burst in. A Dawnguard vampire hunter leaped down the basement stairs and killed the vampire, fire in his eyes. Before leaving, he left the boys with a Septim each and his tent.

Late AdolescenceEdit

Once he and Jolgar came of age, they traveled to join the Dawnguard. When they were halfway to Fort Dawnguard, vampires attacked and killed Jolgar. Tralon ran away with the disease traveling through his blood. He eventually arrived at Fort Dawnguard, where he was reluctantly cured and accepted into the group.

Dawnguard CareerEdit