Vaden Arano
Bonemold Armor (Guard)
Biographical information
Full name Vaden Faldil Arano
Nickname(s) Vaden the Strong
Born 7th of Frost Fall 4e 05
Citizenship Morrowind Citizenship
Family Fadali Arano (Sister)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Dunmer Red
Career information
Rank House Father
Affiliations House Redoran
Accessory information
Primary Weapon Enchanted Stahlrim Sword
Secondary Weapon(s) Stahlrim Bow
Helm Bonemold Helmet
Cuirass Bonemold Pauldron Armor
Gauntlets Bonemold Gauntlets
Greaves Bonemold Boots
Shield Bonemold Shield
The Elder Scrolls series information
Voice actor(s) Jeff Baker

Vaden Arano is a dunmer member of House Redoran.

Early LifeEdit

Vaden was born in a small village on Vvardenfell.