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Important Information
Race Altmer
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Family None
Status Deceased
Nicknames Vernon
Eye Color Various
Hair Color Brown
Other Information
Affiliation Thalmor
Weapons None
Home Summerset Isle

Varion was a Thalmor Justiciar who supported the White Gold Concordat greatly.


Varion is extremely arrogant and snobbish, he was abusive to anyone that was not an Altmer.

White Gold ConcordatEdit

Varion claimed and believed that the Dominion was right for banning the worship of Talos as he claimed that a mere mortal could not be a god. However, he did know about the Armor of Tiber Septim and the Blessing of Talos, and claimed that any royal blood would have worked. He also claimed that the Divine Crusader received the blessing of the Aldmeri Gods instead of the blessing of Talos.


Childhood and BirthEdit

Varion was born in Sunhold some time during the Early 3rd Era he hated peasants, foreigners and uncivilized people while he was a child.

Oblivion CrisisEdit

Varion's parents were killed by Dremora's during the Oblivion Crisis, he lost an eye while trying to kill a Spider Daedra.


Varion joined the Thalmor some time during the early 4th Era.


Varion Assassinated Potentate Ocato during 4E 10.

Civil WarEdit

Varion brutally beat many Talos Worshipers and Stormcloak Soldiers.

Northwatch KeepEdit

Varion was stationed in Northwatch keep some time during the civil war.


Varion was brutally and deservedly killed by Avulstein Grey-Mane while he was torturing Thorald Grey-Mane.